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Children in hospitals are often overwhelmed by the complexity of their illnesses and by their experiences while undergoing treatment. These kids are thrown into a world where every conversation sounds scary and foreign, where they undergo intensive procedures that they aren’t prepared for, and where it is hard to really be a kid. 

Child Life specialists fill a role that doctors and nurses can’t fill. They engage with the kids on a personal level and create an atmosphere of calm that allows the kids to put aside their fears and have fun. They play games with kids and explain treatments and diagnoses in ways that they can understand so they will be prepared and confident in their next procedure. This is a profound accomplishment and a relief to parents who can’t go into operating rooms with their kids and feel powerless as they see them consumed by fear, anger and confusion. 

Child Life Specialists play a critical role in a child’s experience at the hospital as he or she undergoes procedures. Child Life allows these “patients” to feel like kids again.

Why Support Child Life?

  • Child Life supports all children - No matter the reason, children end up in the hospital whether it's a broken bone or something more serious.
  • Child Life is free - Hospitals are not reimbursed by insurance for this service nor are families charged. This makes the support of the community even more vital.
  • Child Life Specialist are heroes for kids with long-term and terminal illnesses - Explaining the complicity of the hospital is tough for families, but Child Life Specialist are trained to do this.
  • Child Life allows parents to be parents - When the worst case scenarios happen with children, Child Life Specialists are there to help have tough conversations with children and their siblings.
  • Child Life makes magic happen! - Child Life Specialists are the folks who call the organizations like WYGWG and Make a Wish when a kid needs a smile. They also plan all of the activities in the hospital to keep kids occupied.

Why Support WYGWG?

  • This campaign, like most, is 100% in/ 100% out meaning every dollar raised will go directly to support Child Life programs.
  • In the last three years, WYGWG has given over 3.4 million in support to the local community with only a 2.4% admin cost.
  • WYGWG supports over 35 different causes and initiatives.
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